Vitiligo: Seven Top Questions Answered

Research shows that about 50 million people in the world are affected by vitiligo skin condition and the vast majority develops the illness even before they are middle age. Below are some facts that will clear any questions you could have about the skin condition and offer you some practical options as well as solutions.

before and after vitiligo

Exactly what is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder that causes white patches on the skin on various parts of the body, most especially those usually exposed to the sun. The mucous membranes found in the nose, mouth as well as the genital areas is usually destroyed. Most of the time, hair growing on the areas affected by the illness turn either white or gray. Despite the fact that vitiligo is a skin condition is it NOT contagious.

How is vitiligo recognized?

When you develop the condition, you get white patches on certain parts of the body and in certain recognizable patterns.

  • When blotches of the white skin appear in small limited areas then this is called the focal pattern.
  • When the white patches appear only on one side of the body then this is known as the segmental pattern.
  • When the patches appear on many areas in various part of the body then this is known as the generalized pattern.

Most of the time, the parts of the body affected are the areas around the mouth, nose, eyes as well as the underarms and the general areas.

Who is most likely to be affected by the disease?

When it comes to vitiligo, there is no delineation in either gender nor in race. There is however a common factor in vitiligo patients, the fact that they have an autoimmune disease that works against them. Heredity can also be a factor but most of the time, the children of the affected parents are usually not affected.

What tests are necessary to diagnose vitiligo?

Some of them include biopsy and blood samples. Of course, the doctor will also delve in the family history do that they can determine if there are cases of autoimmune diseases.

How fast does vitiligo spread?

This is normally dependant on an individual. In some cases, the illness could stay isolated in some areas while in other the patches spread at varying rates. In most cases however, the patches are said to spread progressively with time.

What other effects are caused by vitiligo?

Sometimes, people suffer from varying degrees of emotional stress as well as depression. In most cases of young people, they become psychologically devastated about how they will be accepted by their peers. When the illness strikes in visible areas, they might withdraw themselves from society due to stigmatization fear.

What are the available solutions?

One can use cosmetics to conceal the patches.

If you require anymore detail regarding vitiligo and the causes or treatment options see this website to get all the information you require.