The Many Ways Cannabis/Hemp CBD Oil Can Relieve Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you may find relief by taking medical marijuana. This isn’t the marijuana that hippies smoked to get high. These are unique strains of Cannabis Sativa that contain more CBD than THC. THC is the cannabinoid that causes the chemical high. CBD is another cannabinoid but doesn’t produce any high. The oil can be used to treat many different medical and health issues, like CBD oil for anxiety and is especially effective in treating chronic pain.

Individuals who suffer from chronic pain may find themselves jumping from medication to medication as they attempt to find some relief. Their healthcare provider may end up prescribing powerful pharmaceuticals that may or may not work and which might have severe side effects.

Medical cannabis or marijuana can help alleviate debilitating pain and symptoms. People who use the drug confirm that it helps relieve pain that other medications simply can’t touch. The use of medical marijuana is legal in many states, and even when it’s not, some people are in so much pain that they are willing to risk arrest just for some relief.

Doctors prescribe cannabis for a variety of conditions. These include chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, insomnia, epilepsy, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, migraines, inflammation, Crohn’s disease and nausea, especially nausea caused by chemotherapy. Medical marijuana is also used to help reduce and relieve the pain experienced by the terminally ill.

Medical marijuana is legal in several states. A doctor will provide the patient an ID card or a recommendation letter. The patient can then purchase their medical marijuana at any dispensary. Since the drug isn’t legal everywhere, health insurance will not cover its use. There are different types of medical marijuana and a variety of products that include marijuana. It can be bought to smoke, to rub on the skin, and to put into foods.

One of the drawbacks of using medical marijuana is there is no standard dosage. Often, patients must regulate how much they take. This can result in them taking too much or not enough.

There is increasing scientific evidence that using cannabis can help relieve chronic pain. There is also ongoing research in developing strains of marijuana which have more CBD than THC. Strains with more CBD do not produce the chemical high of recreational marijuana, which has more THC.

Cannabis is known to relieve chronic pain. It is available in many forms, including oils, lotions, and capsules. It may also be smoked and the vapor inhaled.