Surgical treatment for gynecomastia in men

drs on GynecomastiaGynecomastia can be problematic sometimes. It’s hard to live the life of a woman when you are a man. With big breasts, it calls for bra to hold them in position. And then take it to be a man wearing that. It’s more than insane. That’s why treatment for these conditions are always sort. For many gynecomastia cases, the swelling will just be for a period. Once you have your hormones balanced again for example, the breasts to shrink back to normal. If the breast insist on remaining big, you can’t tolerate the display. You have to take action. It is recommended that you go for the non-surgical treatments first before considering the surgical ones. Take for example the gynecomastia compression shirts. It’s also cheaper without surgeries. If things don’t work, that’s the time to go for surgical treatments. It’s effective and reliable. The breast tissue will be removed for normal breast size restoration.

Surgical goals

We have seen that what we are dealing with is an increment of the breast tissue. There are very many ways that this can be treated. Surgical operation is one of the top rated treatments that physically removes the breast tissue. One may think that things will be perfect after undergoing the surgery. Truth be told, you should not raise your expectations beyond standard or less you want frustration. Some people will lie to have the perfect chest back but all they want is your money. Don’t fall for that. You will however note some improvement. Around 90% of it. The rest 10% matters less and can be corrected through other methods like exercise.

The surgeon will have several objectives in mind; these are;

  • Give you a flat chest like that of a man
  • Reduce enlarged breasts
  • Contour improvement around the chest

It’s a surgery like any other

We all know that surgeries are reliable. They are not like the drugs that have to be ingested without knowing what they will do when in your system. The surgery is precise treating the real thing physically. Even with this advantage, there are the downfalls of every surgery. Complications can arise while undergoing treatment. Make sure you discuss the risks involved in the surgery with your surgeon to be on the safe side. You will know what to expect in advance. You may think that a muscular or celebrity chest is what you will get. Not really.

Techniques used

There is no given way of treating gynecomastia by surgery. Every patient is dealt with differently. Two techniques are common though;

  • Liposuction – just like that of weight loss, fat is sucked from below the breast for flattening purposes. A narrow tube is used in a regulated manner.
  • Excision – the ideal technique used when the breast tissue has to be removed. It is necessary for chest contouring and areola repositioning.

The aftermath

Once you have undergone the surgery, make sure that you give your body enough time to heal. Avoid heavy activities for the first few days.

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