How Nutrition is Important in Body Building


Nutrition is important for the body builder as much as it is important to the normal person. The body builder needs to have a balanced diet all the time that they are eating. Their body is experiencing a higher rate of the process of metabolism. With the changes in metabolism rate they can be made to eat frequent little meals until their body has fully adjusted. The diet should be well balanced with all the necessary nutrients. The three major ones being carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins among other minerals. The following are the nutrients and their usefulness in the body of a body builder.


One of the main components of a body builder’s diet should consist of proteins. Proteins are found in meat, fish, chicken, milk and eggs. For the vegetarian body builder they get their proteins from the various types of beans like soya beans and also from nuts. Proteins work to help in the building of the muscular cells. They build up the muscles and increase their size in mass and weight. The diet should consist of more proteins since the whole body has an increased rate of metabolism. The body is working out at a faster rate than their normal rate. The worn out cells need to be built up and replaced. Thus this is likely to lead to an increase in the mass of the muscles.


The body of the body builder is in dire need of carbohydrates during this time. Carbohydrates helps the body to release more energy. The body needs more energy for it to be able to function normally. The energy is necessary for all the body functions like movements and for it to be able to withstand more vigorous exercises. The carbohydrates also releases heat within the body and this helps it to keep warm. When one has an adequate supply of carbohydrates it is not easy for them to feel cold. In fact most of them are ever feeling warm. These energy giving foods are found from corn, rice, potatoes and wheat among many others depending on the locations.


Vitamins also form an important part of a body builder’s diet. The vitamins help the body to fight off any minor diseases and help the body to remain in a healthful condition. Vitamins and vegetables also provide fiber to the digestive system in order to aid in the process of digestion. This increases the rates of absorption in the body. Vitamins are supplied by fruits and vegetables. These vary from place to place within the whole universe. These include bananas, mangoes, pineapples, apples and kiwis. Vegetables include kales, cabbages, spinach, beet roots and cowpeas among many others. There needs to be an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables to the diet too.

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